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The best grade Tungsten Carbide Tools, Carbide Tools and Micro Carbide Drill Bits, that are simply unrivaled in terms of efficiency, durability and functional life.

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About Us

Extensively utilized for heavy duty industrial cutting and machining purposes, tungsten and carbide tools have emerged as more reliable and cost effective option owing to their unique material characteristics. Not only do they exhibit exceptional resistance to wear, they also boast superior functional life and are thus, ideal for longer production units. Quality Industries brings you the best grade industrial utility carbide tools and customized carbide products, that are highly acclaimed for their elusive material attributes. Our carbide offerings are famed for their dimensional accuracy, perfect design, hardness and way higher thermal tolerance, making them an ideal choice. Our company was founded in the year 2009, and since then, we have solidified our position as a noted Manufacturer and Supplier of products like Tungsten Carbide Tools, Carbide Tools, Micro Carbide Drills, Carbide Rod, Tungsten Carbide Flat, Carbide Dies, Carbide Sitting Saw and Carbide Round with Coolant Hole among others.

We aim to become market leaders in the foreseeable future by soundly addressing the demands of clients and providing them best-in-class products.


We are backed in our endeavors of market dominance in the years to come by our highly advanced fabrication facility, which is equipped with the latest versions of machines. Spread over a vast expanse of land, the facility is segregated into a number of departments, each dedicated to tasks ranging from material procurement and management to R&D, manufacturing and testing among others. As for the machines used, we utilize only the latest iterations of Electric Discharge Machine, Carving Machine, Ball Grinding Machine and Press Sintering Furnace for higher output and accuracy. Moreover, we perform a number of quality tests on the finished products as a quality assurance measure, which is executed using a variety of inspection tools such as Coercimeter, Digital Hardness Tester, Metallographic Pre Grinding Machine and Metallographic Microscope alongside a number of chemical analysis tools.

Application Areas

The superiority of carbide tools over their conventional counterparts like steel are well documented, and as a consequence, the usage of carbide tools has increased by leaps and bounds. Not only are they used for cutting and machining purposes in metal processing industries, they are also used in form of engineered components and, wear parts as well as tool and tool blanks. In addition to the aforesaid usage scenarios, there are a number of other application areas of carbide tools, a few of whom are mentioned below:

  • Automotive tools
  • Rotary Cutters for artificial fibers
  • Canning tools
  • Bushings and rings
  • Metal forming tools for stamping
  • Sawing and planing
  • High performance nozzles
  • High performance pumps